Opinion: What do you think about the state’s budget debate?

Political pundits, state legislators and a few people in Minnesota who have been roused by the state’s budget dilemma have been weighing in on what should be done.

But what does the common citizen think should be done?

People in Wisconsin have gotten riled up with what has been proposed. The same can be said in other states. The debate in Minnesota seems more timid — so far.

But now that you have had time to digest some of the proposals, some of the rhetoric and some of the hot button debates going on in places like our next-door neighbor in the state of Wisconsin, let us know what you think. The Star News would like to publish some of your views in the coming edition of the Star News.

There is certainly plenty to consider, and maybe you have thought of something that others haven’t. Or maybe at least we can get a feel for where some common citizens and maybe even some of our local leaders are on the issues of the day, as our state senators and representatives wrestle with the issues of the day. — Jim Boyle, editor

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