Police report: One snowbank helps police nab two drunk drivers

Elk River police responding to the Elk River American Legion on a report of a car stuck in a snowbank got a two-for-one special.

The call came in at 7:46 p.m. Feb. 20. When the first of two officers arrived on the scene, he watched as a 59-year-old Elk River man was trying to move the car off the snowbank, according to Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz.

After initial contact, the police officer went back to his squad to wait for back up.

At this point, the male driver and a 66-year-old Elk River woman who was a passenger at the time of the officer’s arrival switched places.

When the second officer arrived, police approached the vehicle as the woman began to rock the vehicle back and forth to get it off the snowbank, Kluntz said.

Both failed field sobriety tests and intoxilizer tests showed they were drunk, too. Both were cited for DWI.

During the course of the investigation, police also learned that the woman was the initial driver who got the vehicle stuck.

Fight takes place behind vision clinic
Elk River police responded to a report of a fight behind Vision World, 19166 Freeport St. Police arrived to find a group of individuals, mostly juveniles, assembled behind the vision clinic. Two juvenile suspects involved in the fight admitted to agreeing to meet on the afternoon of Feb. 21 and fight. Several suspects will be mailed citations for unlawful assembly.

Copper stolen from construction site
Copper thieves have reportedly struck in Elk River again. The reporting party told police on the morning of Feb. 21 when construction workers arrived to the site of a home under construction, they found several areas of the home where copper had been taken from spools and cut out from the walls where it had already been installed.

There appeared to be three sets of footprints that apparently entered from the east, and possibly left to the east, as there was a garbage can with equipment left near the adjacent residence in the 10600 block of 172nd Avenue. It also appeared that a truck had been parked at the residence.

The approximate loss has been estimated at $4,000.

Partyer accused of pointing shotgun at someone’s head
An intoxicated complainant who called requesting assistance obtaining his keys alleges after passing out he awoke to having a shotgun pointed at his head in the 10000 block of 187th Circle in Elk River, Kluntz reported.

An officer spoke with other individuals at the residence who stated the keys were hidden due to the complainant’s intoxication. The intoxicated parties said they could not remember where they were hidden.

One of the individuals when asked about the shotgun denied pointing one at the complainant’s head, but accused the complainant of “playing” with the shotgun that was missing and believed to be taken by either the complainant or others who were at the residence during the weekend-long party.

Officers explained to all of the individuals that they should file a theft report once they have sobered up, and the complainant was driven to an Elk River residence. He told police he didn’t want anything done about the alleged assault. Police advised him that after he sobered up to call the police if he changed his mind about filing a complaint.

Girl, 17, cited for possessing pot pipe
A 17-year-old Elk River girl was cited for possession of a pot pipe during a traffic stop at about 3:20 p.m. on Feb. 18.
The officer stopped the vehicle at Highway 10 and Jackson Avenue in Elk River for window tint and smelled the odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. When the officer questioned the occupants about usage, the passenger handed over the pipe.

Woman’s belongings stolen at restaurant
A 23-year-old Zimmerman woman who left some personal belongings at an unattended table at Time Out in Elk River while she used a rest room at the bar and restaurant returned and found them missing.
Stolen was a jacket, camera and cell phone.

Teens cited for theft of Walmart cosmetics
Three Elk River teen-aged girls (16, 15 and 16) and a 16-year-old Ramsey girl were cited for theft after stealing cosmetics at Walmart about 6 p.m. on Feb. 17.

Loss prevention officers caught them. They were released to parents.

Woman says $200 stolen at her work
A 22-year-old Blaine woman reported she had $200 cash taken from her purse at her place of employment (E&O Tool in Elk River). She told police the money was taken sometime between 1:20 p.m. on Feb. 16 and 2:20 p.m. on Feb. 17. She and her supervisor said they planned to ask employees for leads on the theft.

Traffic stop results in pair of drug arrests
A traffic stop at Highway 10 and Jackson Avenue in Elk River at 2 p.m. Feb. 17 for expired tabs resulted in a pair of drug arrests.

The officer discovered a strong smell of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. Both occupants denied usage, but the officer located containers used to hold pot and a small amount of a green leafy substance in them as well as scattered all over the interior of the vehicle. Both occupants were cited. One was a 18-year-old Elk River man, and the other was a 19-year-old Elk River man.

Schoolgirl cited for possession of pipe
Elk River police responded to a report at Ivan Sand School in Elk River of two juveniles smoking marijuana before school on the morning of Feb. 17. The complainant checked the lockers and found one of the students in possession of a pot pipe. This 15-year-old Otsego girl was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia. The other suspect was given a verbal warning.

Cell phone taken  during ERHS class
A 15-year-old Elk River girl reported her Aria touch screen cell phone valued at $130 was taken in one of her classes on the afternoon of Feb. 15 at Elk River High School.

She told police that she turned in her desk to talk to another classmate and when she turned back around it was gone.

The victim waited to report it until the end of the school day to make sure she hadn’t left it somewhere else.

The victim did not have any suspects but was going to check for the serial number. The phone was taken out of service.

Wright County has car burglary leads

Elk River police took four reports of vehicles being rummaged through on Feb. 16.

Three of the cases involved suspects entering garages during the night through service doors and looking into vehicles. Two of the cases involved vehicles and a camper trailer being rummaged through while parked in a driveway.

Nothing was taken in any of the four cases that happened in the 11000 block of 192nd Court, the 19200 block of Xavier Street and on Vale Street.

Wright County reported having similar incidents happen the previous evening, and in one instance a suspicious four-door Oldsmobile was spotted and in another case a shoe print was obtained.

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