SLP has new animal control provider

by Tim Hennagir
Life Editor

East Bethel-based Gratitude Farms will become Spring Lake Park’s on-call animal control services provider effective Jan. 1, 2012.

Councilmembers approved a one-year contract with the company Dec. 19 after briefly reviewing a memo and report from Police Chief Doug Ebeltoft.

Animal Control Services, based in Brooklyn Center, notified the city in October it would not bid on the city’s animal control contract for the coming year.

Owner Richard Ruzicka said his final day of service in Spring Lake Park would be Dec. 31. Animal Control Services would send an invoice for final services.

“There are very few business out there that provide the services that we need on an on-call basis without having to pay a monthly contract fee,” Ebeltoft said.

Gratitude Farms agreed to provide animal control services the city needs without the fee, he said. The contract was reviewed by City Attorney Jeff Carson.

Councilmember Jeanne Mason had a question about stray animals. “Who do residents call?” she asked.

Ebeltoft said the city doesn’t provide collection service for strays.

City Administrator Barbara Nelson said local budget cuts four years ago forced the city of Spring Lake Park to only provide state-mandated animal control.

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